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Record Planes By Model Number

The majority of Record plane model numbers were based upon the Stanley plane model number equivalent. The difference being, each Record plane model number was numbered with a '0' before the Stanley equivalent model number. For example a Record no. 04 plane is an almost identical model of plane as the Stanley no. 4 plane, the main difference being the obvious Record branding and colours.

The main exceptions to this rule were the Record planes which were modelled on the earlier Preston planes. Most of the Record models which were based in some way upon the Preston planes were the shoulder plane models: 041, 042, 071, 072, 073, 074, the three-in-one plane: 311, the bullnose planes: 077, 077A, 1366, and the side rebate planes: 2506, 2506S.

Other exceptions are models of planes which were unique to Record at the the time of design, these planes include: 405, 712, 713, 714, 722, 730, 735, 778, CS88, T5, T5SS.

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