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Record Model Makers Plane No. 0100 1/2

record 0100 1/2

The Record 0100 1/2 model makers plane is a small plane with a 1" (2.5cm) wide blade and an iron handle at the rear of the plane. This type of handle is often referred to as a 'squirrel tail' handle. This plane, with a length of only 3 1/2" (8.9cm), weighing only 0.23kg (1/2lb), is ideal for very small work such as model making and other small tasks.

The 0100 1/2 plane doesn't have an adjuster mechanism and has a convex sole which is curved both width ways and length ways. This plane is considered a rare plane due to the short production period in which this planes were produced, due to its age, and due to the minimal number of these planes which are seen today. The rarity of the 0100 1/2 is further exacerbated when you consider this plane was only produced for about 2 years before World War II restrictions and effects began. Apart from the Calvert Stevens smoothing plane CS88, the 0100 and the 0100 1/2 planes saw the shortest production runs of all of the Record planes produced.

Plane Use

The Record 0100 1/2 plane is used for small work, in particular model making, pattern making and violin making.

Plane Construction

record 0100 1/2 plane

high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron

crucible cast tungsten steel

Plane finish:
Record stove enamel blue

Manufactured Dates


Further Info

Record Tool catalogues, No's: 15, 16
Record Planecraft books: 1950, 1953, 1954

There are also a few retailer tool catalogues of their time which listed this plane for sale with picture/drawing and snippets of information. We have found it quite facinating looking at some of these and viewing the other tools of the time.

Where Can I Buy This Tool Secondhand?

record 0100 1/2

This model of plane can be purchased from the following woodworking tool retailers, subject to availability.

Price: £60 - £100

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* The price shown is a typical price. The price may vary between retailers. The price may vary between planes. Some planes may command higher prices due to condition, type, age, variations.

Plane Details

Manufacturer: Record

Model No: 0100 1/2

Plane Type: Block

Date Produced: 1938-1943

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£60 - £100

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