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Record Block Plane No. 09 1/2

record 09 1/2

The Record 09 1/2 block plane is an easy to use, 6" (15.3cm) long tool which fits comfortably in the palm of the users hand ready for accurate planing, primarily end grain work, also used for finishing and other small jobs. This block plane with its hooded lever cap is a fully adjustable plane with a mouth which can easily be calibrated for fine or coarse work.

The 09 1/2 has a 1 5/8" (4.2cm) blade and weighs approximately 0.68kg (1 1/2lb).

Plane Use

The Record 09 1/2 block plane is primarily used for end grain work, they are also used for finishing work.

Plane Construction

record 09 1/2 plane

high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron

Blade (earlier models):
crucible cast tungsten steel

Blade (later models):
high quality tool steel

Plane finish:
Record stove enamel blue

Manufactured Dates


* There is a new model of the Record 09 1/2 plane in production today, the US company 'Irwin Industrial Tool Company' now produce the Irwin Record 09 1/2 plane.

Further Info

Record Tool catalogues, No's: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Record Planecraft books: 1950, 1953, 1954, 1959

There are also a few retailer tool catalogues of their time which listed this plane for sale with picture/drawing and snippets of information. We have found it quite facinating looking at some of these and viewing the other tools of the time.

Where Can I Buy This Tool Secondhand?

record 09 1/2

This model of plane can be purchased from the following woodworking tool retailers, subject to availability.

Price: £20 - £45

Shops which sell similar planes

* The price shown is a typical price. The price may vary between retailers. The price may vary between planes. Some planes may command higher prices due to condition, type, age, variations.

Plane Details

Manufacturer: Record

Model No: 09 1/2

Plane Type: Block

Date Produced: 1934-2011+

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Buy Secondhand

£20 - £45

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