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Record Improved Rabbet Plane No. 778

record 778

This plane is used for rabbeting works in joinery and carpentry. The Record 778 plane is an improved version of the Record 078. This plane has a full width blade and a side fence with two bars. This makes the plane more accurate. The fence moves in and out to control the width of the rebate. The plane is also fitted with a depth stop to control the depth of the rebate. The plane has two positions for the blade:

i) one at the front for use of the plane as a bullnose
ii) the second position more commonly used approximately a third of the length of plane in from the front.

The blade is secured by a cap iron with screw. The blade is adjustable in and out of the cutting face of the plane by means of an adjustable screw which registers in a hole in the plane blade. This make adjustment of the plane blade more accurate than the Record 078 and less likely to move once set. The 778 has a spur which can be turned to protrude at the base and cut/scribe the edge of the rabbet being formed, reducing chipping etc. especially when going across the grain.

This is a later plane and normally knobs securing the fence were round.

The Record 778 rebate plane has a length of 8 1/2" (21.6cm), a 1 1/2" (3.8cm) cutter and weighs approximately 1.70kg (3 3/4lb).

Plane Use

The Record 778 is used for rabbeting work up to 1 1/2" in width.

What Is The Difference Between the Record 078 and the Record 778 Planes?

One of the main differences between the Record 078 and 778 planes is the 078 has a lever adjuster for controlling the thickness of the shaving whereas the improved 778 has a screw adjuster. The reason for this change was because there was a tendancy for users using the 078 to rest their thumb on the lever which sometimes resulted in the lever very slightly moving. Any such movement causes the cut to become thinner.

The 078 only has one fence arm rod whereas the 778 has two. The arms on the 778 pass right through the plane whereas the arm on the 078 screws into the body of the plane. These improvements to the 778 result in a greater accuracy setting and allows for slightly extra lateral adjustment.

Plane Construction

record 778 plane

high grade cast iron

Cap Iron:
high grade cast iron

high grade cast iron

tungsten vanadium steel

Plane finish:
Record stove enamel blue

Manufactured Dates


* There is a new model of the Record 778 plane in production today, the US company 'Irwin Industrial Tool Company' now produce the Irwin Record 778 plane.

Plane Also Known As

Record 778 Plane
Record 778 Fillester Plane
Record 778 Duplex Plane
Record 778 Rebate Plane

Further Info

Record Tool catalogues, No's: 17
Record Planecraft books: 1959

There are also numerous retailer tool catalogues of their time which listed this plane for sale with picture/drawing and snippets of information.

Where Can I Buy This Tool Secondhand?

record 778

This model of plane can be purchased from the following woodworking tool retailers, subject to availability.

Price: £35 - £70

Shops which sell similar planes

* The price shown is a typical price. The price may vary between retailers. The price may vary between planes. Some planes may command higher prices due to condition, type, age, variations.

Plane Details

Manufacturer: Record

Model No: 778

Plane Type: Filletster

Date Produced: 1959-2011+

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£35 - £70

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